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DJI Ronin-S Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer
This is DJ eyes next step in shaping the film industry introducing Ronan s designed is the all-in-one workhorse for, almost any type of filmmaking including travel event and even feature film productions Ronin's is ready with incredible features that offer the ultimate flexibility for single or multiple operators on any set.

With compatibility over a broad range in <a href="">best camera</a> models and a maximum payload of 3,6 Kg, Ronin S provides precision in the ability to produced cinematic in camera moves for every filmmaker a front facing naturally placed trigger allows users to control the most essential behaviors of the gimbal the mode button instantly.

Changes the speed and responsiveness for any type of shot for more dynamic scenes a dedicated sport function catches quick movements with precision an 8-pin connector offers direct start/stop control while two 4 pin connectors support the hardware options like an external focus motor and onboard power for the camera the detachable battery.

Allows for seamless mounting and versatility a four pin receiver port grants universal connectivity with third-party controllers when shooting complex scenes optional remote controllers enables a second operator to collaborate with a suite of accessories including DJI force pro and master wheels Ronin's meets the needs of filmmakers of every levels.

Additional modules can be added to customize ronin s for more challenging scenarios in addition to these unique features ronin s benefits users with exceptional design and intuitive functions such as direct camera control or start stop recording and an onboard multi-directional joystick the angled.

Roll motor provides an unobstructed camera screen view and allows for greater range of motion no matter how the gimbal is handled featuring DJ eyes acclaimed stabilization algorithms the professional versatility in the Ronin s Series.

The ronin s app complements the gimbal giving filmmakers even greater control over their creativity wherever your passion takes you ronin s is the companion that lets you film with total control over your vision.
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