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SEO Optimization

As a writer on the Blog, of course, must understand some of the basics to support the development of our blog from day to day. One of the basics that you should need to understand is SEO Strategy, Not just playing around if you apply this strategy correctly, then you can optimize the development of your blog.

1. Cheaper and Easier
I say cheaper because you only use a few specialized SEO tools or sites. You do not need to advertise and spend money, most only with the intention and Kouta.

2.Improve user experience
No less important, User experience or UX is like internet users can get experience after reading or visiting a website. This element is very important because it becomes a special effort to increase traffic.

3.Can increase sales
A clear and precise target will produce the right visitors too, SEO optimization on this blog can bring potential traffic, and can get the right target visitors.
For example you have a blog that contains product offerings that you are currently offering, if you don't want to go out of the cost to advertise then you can use SEO strategies in your business so that you can increase sales rates and increase profits from the products you sell.

Where can we learn SEO? roll

Hmmm, if it's about learning it's easy but go back to you Want it or Not, Some say that SEO is expensive, it's expensive if you rely on other people (Jasa SEO Murah Indonesia) cool to optimize your blog. So first you can Hire SEO optimization services on the blog.

Secondly, you can learn by self-taught, whether it's studying on the internet, books, or social media, it can be of course if you learn musclefully then you don't need to spend to optimize seo.

Then how do you best implement SEO?

The role of SEO is to create Quality blogs, both in the eyes of search engines or humans. The best way to implement it is to learn the basics first, then if you already understand it, please apply the strategy on the Blog.

Do not expect instant, it takes a process and time to perfect all this so that you can see the impact of this strategy on the blog.

Therefore you should be able to understand how to optimize SEO on a … wordpress/ Bloggerproperly.

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