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This Whole Not Helping People In A Co-Op Game Issue...

As most of you have probably experienced within your time in Fortnite, quite a few players just outright refuse to help do some, if not all things that are required for you to succeed in the match. You end up failing horribly or just barely get by, doing all the work while 1-3 of your teammates just **** around. For example, I just got done playing with 3 Outlanders (DrackoreUSAF, cedmont974, Playfulkit) as a Constructor. You would think that I would be in building mats heaven because the main role of an Outlander on an online match with other players is to provide said resources to your builder(s). However, they outright ignored my requests for mats throughout the game and I was left barely being able to build our base at the last second before the enemies started spawning. I even told them that I was in critical need of these mats because only half the base was actually built and the rest would need to be built AFTER the enemies started to spawn (this was a RTD mission). I was down to no mats once the base was finished, or at least 99% finished. Because of this, I told them that, if anything was damaged, they were responsible for repairing. I clarified that I had no mats, so it was literally impossible for me to upkeep the base. Keep in mind that they were collecting mats all match long and did little to no building themselves, so it was quite clear that they had the required mats to repair. But sure enough, they didn't repair and some walls were destroyed. It should be obvious that at least 2 out of 3 of these players were English, so there's no excuse for what they did. Because of this, I'd like to suggest that, after the required tutorial mission that starts up when you first launch Fortnite, a small section be added after said mission that makes it quite clear that Fortnite is primarily a Co-Op game in "Save The World" mode and that you MUST be a team player in order to succeed in most game modes.
Please help.

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