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#1 09-05-2020 06:14:34


You dont need the Mut 20 coins

You dont need the Mut 20 coins boosts tho, it may make it simpler, but they arent needed. The grind is what makes it enjoyable, keep playing and play with your abilities, would you rather be given a 99 ovr player out of this gate and score100 pts yourself every match?

Yea, madden is everyone runs the specific same plays over and over again, trash in the versus manner, cheese as fuck. 2k20 actually requires a little more creativity, perhaps not as much as real life basketball, but teams really feel different inside their play styles. And also the players dont completely dismiss defensive assignments such as in this vid. Madden doesnt fix any on area head to head difficulties ideal but their on court head to head gameplay is a representation of the sport its named for.

I swear madden CPU's have no IQ when it comes to calling timeouts

You'd think by now Madden CPU could have more detail programming to get game-time situations, rather than one"hustle down 17 or less interior of 1:01, differently play normally" scripted light change and that's it. As if football is not complicated at the 4th quarter.

It strikes me when I up 1pt and they utilize that strategy in the buy Madden 20 coins playoffs/ superbowl. To hustle inside of 2min not lazily go at it. Makes the triumph sense accomplished when the AI is just being dumb to some degree that would get a head coach fired after Madden.

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