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If analyzing Vietnam's 600 MB package service fee a

HAVANA Nike Air Max 2017 Sale Outlet , Nov. 28 (Xinhua) -- A survey by Cuban National Sports Institute (INDER) selected judo athletes Idalys Ortiz and Asley Gonzalez as the best athletes of Cuba for 2013 in individual sports, according to a statement issued Thursday by the Cuban organization.

Ortiz (+78 kg), Olympic gold in London 2012 and world champion at Rio de Janeiro 2013, as well as Gonzalez (90 kg), silver medal winner at the London Olympics and gold in the 2013 worlds in Rio were chosen in the survey held by INDER experts and sports journalists.

Their top positions in the world rankings were the main reason for them being selected as the best athletes, said the statement.

In team sports, the 2013 Best Cuban Athletes were basketball player Yamara Amargo and baseball player Freddy Asiel Alvarez.

Boxing was chosen as the best single sport, while among team sports baseball and women's basketball as the best Cuban team.

Meanwhile, a list of 10 most outstanding athletes in Cuba include Julio Cesar la Cruz and Lazaro Alvarez (boxing), Rafael Alba and Glenhis Hernandez (taekwondo), Yarelis Silva and Pedro Pablo Pichardo (athletics),Leinier Dominguez (chess), Alfredo Despaigne (baseball), Livan Lopez (wrestling) and Angel Fournier (canoeing).

INDER also announced that Gusmary Garcia and boxer Johannys Argilagos were chosen as the best athletes in youth category.


For a whole exercise of the physique fitness rowers are the best. They exercise the entire body, much in the identical that swimming does. Thus it’s an excellent cardio vascular train, which helps to lose the calories as well as tone up the body. The fitness rower uses air as a means of resistance. Fitness rowers include a variety of resistance levels. Thus an individual can have the exercise required by them. Therefore athletes as well as the rookies use it. The smaller fitness rowers are meant for home use. They may also be folded and tucked away to extend the usage of the spaces contained in the house.

The very best fitness rowers are additionally the most costly ones. The upper finish of the fitness rowers is means for the gym. They’ve a variety of resistance levels as well as programs to suit the needs of all. A control panel is a should as a result of this shows suggestions readings when exercising (discovered on the very best fitness rowers) thereby making the exerciser reach their optimum exercise level.

Since stationary bikes and the like cannot be stowed away, the same old storability of rowing machines is among the greatest advantages they have. It’s not an all-encompassing rule as a result of the bigger dearer machines, although house environment friendly will not be foldable.

Fitness rowers have to be assembled, earlier than they can be made usable for workouts. Hence one should learn the instructions manual rigorously so as to not break any elements whereas assembling the fitness rower. The non-public coach or the health club instructor needs to be requested before . Ask round for the very best obtainable health rowers within a particular budgets. Typically the very best fitness rowers are also available on discounts. Shop around before you buy a health rower. This can enable you to barter for decrease prices additionally and thus you may have savings.

In case you want additional information regarding weight loss plan , stop by the writer’s internet site at once.

HO CHI MINH CITY, July 8 (Xinhua) -- While Vietnamese believe they have to pay too much for 3G services, the reports of international institutions all show the 3G service fee in Vietnam is the cheapest in the world, local online newspaper Vietnamnet reported Wednesday.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has released a report about 3G data services in the world based on 2013 materials. ITU compared the fees for 500 MB service package which is believed to be the reasonable consumption level and most chosen by customers when using 3G data services in many countries.

A survey conducted in early 2015 showed that one Vietnamese spends 50,000-100,000 Vietnamese dong on 3G services, or 70,000 Vietnamese dong for a 600 MB package. Meanwhile, 93 percent of subscribers using 3G on smartphones chose the service package. This showed that the service package most favored by Vietnamese is also the one favored in other countries.

According to ITU, the average fee for 500 MB package is 16.9-17. 6 U.S. dollars a month for pre-paid and post-paid services, respectively. The fee is 16.3-17.5 U.S. dollars in developed countries while it is 17.8-18.3 U.S. dollars in developing countries.

As such, despite the big income per capita difference, the 3G service fee difference is modest, just 1 U.S. dollars a month. This is explained by the similar service cost prices in different countries, including costs on infrastructure, devices, labor force and sales.

However, the similar fees showed that users in developing countries have to pay high fees compared with their living standards. And while there is nearly no difference in the service fee, there is a big gap in the GNI (gross national income) per capita.

The average service fee for 500 MB data package in the world accounts for 5.8-6.4 percent of GNI per capita, while the figures are 8-8.9 percent in developed countries and 1-1.1 percent in developing countries. In the Asia-Pacific region, the figure is 5- 7.5 percent.

If analyzing Vietnam's 600 MB package service fee at 7.8 U.S. dollars based on PPP (purchasing power parity) theory, one would see that the service fee in Vietnam is just equal to 44.3-46.1 percent of the world's average level and 44.6-47.8 percent of the average fee in developing countries.

If noting that the Vietnamese GNI per capita is 145 U.S. dollars a month (in 2013) as reported by the World Bank in 2013, Vietnam's 3G service fee just amounts to 2.2 percent of GNI per capita.

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