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Does anyone remember a game from 1991 called "4D Sports Boxing"?


I remember playing this game way long ago and really loved it. I foudn a copy ofit online the other day and decided to play it again, so I grabbed it and loaded it up. The thing is last time i played this game at my budies house his boxers' polygoned bodies were really smooth and hardly any aliasing, now on my machine running winXP BTW, it alias's like a bitch and you can barely tell one player from the other, it just looks like they are globs on the screen. I have tooled around with video but it only offers "tandy", "ega", "vga"(which mine is set to right now, only one that looks correct), "hercules", and some other old standard. If it isn't obvious yet, it does run in a full screen DOS emulation mode i presume. Anyone got any suggestions?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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