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Fun sports games for the Sega Saturn?


As I have pretty much completed my Sega Saturn collection, at least the ones worth owning. I have passed over ALOT of sports games, I have aquired a few over the years as I can't resist buying one if it is priced for a dollar or two if it has a nice case to swap with a more beat up case in my collection. But are any of these sports games worth playing today? I very much enjoy golf games like Neo Turf Masters and Mario Golf, any decent golf games on the Saturn? I also enjoy Hockey, any reason to check out NHL 98 over NHL 2K14?
And since the World Cup is going on what about the Soccer games on the Saturn? Or what about basketball? I have the NBA Jam games and they are a total blast.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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#2 03-10-2018 13:28:52


Re: Fun sports games for the Sega Saturn?

It's interesting to read about the fun sports games for the Sega Saturn. Here the whole details related to the games are shared. Most of them like this kind of interesting games and continue sharing more updates about this games. directv family package

#3 04-12-2019 23:51:29

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Re: Fun sports games for the Sega Saturn?

Eh bien, une fois que vous jouez à des jeux en ligne, il est temps. et il peut être effectué avec intérêt et intérêt, en pariant sur le sport. vous gagnerez de l'argent, en outre, sur le site, regardez les différentes trasliations

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