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The man Bo Jackson Jersey , who arrived in Spain in 2015, is thought to have playeda role in developing technology for the group and also inparticipating in the finance of the organization.

The Spanish Ministry of the Interior reports he was trying tofind drones and other material.

The arrest follows a "complex operation" which "remains open"and that the man was a "key part" of what is known as the battalionof technological development of IS, which is "one of the mostsecret and sophisticated" of the organization.

Security forces forced entry into his home P.J. Hall Jersey , where neighbors toldthe Spanish press the man lived a private existence but received"numerous packages," and that all of the people who visited him"arrived by taxi."

It is thought he had previously worked to collect funds for theIslamic State in Britain and in his homeland and supplied IS withtechnology through the use of front companies.

Earlier on Friday, a 24-year-old Moroccan man was arrested onsuspicion of organizing terror attacks on Aug. 17 in Barcelona andCambrils. Enditem

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