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regime for the state

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TRIPOLI, Sept. 24 (Xinhua) -- Special Representative of the UNSecretary-General in Libya, Ghassan Salame, on Wednesday proposed anew road map to solve the Libyan political crisis during ahigh-level event on Libya in New York hosted by the UNSecretary-General, António Guterres.

Salame's new proposed action plan includes amendment of thecurrent UN-sponsored political agreement, holding a UN-sponsorednational conference for all of Libya's political factions, adoptinga constitution, and finally election of a president and aparliament.

Some members of the eastern-based parliament, which has rejectedthe current political agreement, welcomed Salame's proposal, whileothers rejected it.

Abdussalam Nasia, member of the parliament's dialogue committee,welcomed the action plan, saying it "contains the outlines fortackling the Libyan crisis."

"The action plan is based on rebuilding the state structuresaway from individuals, which earns the building processsignificance for the country and the state, rather than a tribe, acity, or a political and intellectual orientation," Nasia said.

"The best thing about Ghassan Salameh's road map is the lack ofa new transitional period, as well as holding the upcomingelections on the basis of a permanent regime for the state." Saidthe member of HoR(House of Representatives), Saleh Efhema.

Following the uprising that toppled former leader MuammarGaddafi's regime in 2011. Libya has been struggling to make ademocratic transition amid insecurity and political divisiondespite singing a UN-sponsored peace agreement and appointment of aunity government.

"Six years ago, the Libyan people were promised a transition of18 months. Their transitions continue, and if no action is taken,no end is in sight," Salame said at the meeting.

"A succession of transitions have failed to bring to the Libyanpeople what they want the most; stable, effective and predictablegovernance and decent living standards," he added.

On the other hand, other members rejected Salame's proposal,including HoR Ziad Daghim, who addressed Salame saying "your planwill not pass and we are not like our predecessors."

Daghim considered the road map a "repeat of the foreignguardianship of the country," claiming that he, as a member of theparliament's dialogue committee, would "foil the plan" and have itrejected by the parliament.

No official statement has yet been issued by the parliamentregarding the proposal of Salame.

"The first stage in the process must therefore be to amend theagreement. There is a broad consensus on the issues requiringamendments," Salame said during the meeting.


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