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TOULOUSE Ecco Classic Moc 2.0 Shoes Australia , France, Feb. 19 (Xinhua) -- Arriving late at night from Strasbourg, two passengers discovered at the beginning of the week that the taxi service in Toulouse is troubled by a lack of professionalism.

Entering a taxi in a queue at the Toulouse airport on Monday, Feb. 16, their first ride did not last longer than 30 seconds. The driver, following a curse-laden dispute with another taxi driver, ejected the passengers from his car without explanation Ecco Howell Shoes Australia , only to hand them over to the other driver.

The second man drove a dirty car that smelled of body odor, and informed the passengers that he only accepted cash, though only after he had begun driving.

He also seemed to have a bad knowledge of Toulouse, insisting on an address, even though the passengers had asked to be taken to a well-known hotel next to the main train station. But he still appeared to be a licensed driver.

"So, where are you coming from?" he asked without enthusiasm.

Contacted on Thursday by Xinhua, a representative of the Toulouse airport taxi service apologized for the incident Ecco boots australia , but insisted that such experiences were "very very rare."

Meanwhile, taxi drivers in Toulouse are under stress that may be affecting service quality, as increased competition for passengers find licensed taxi drivers battling with private chauffeurs and non-professionals using the smartphone application Uber.

"The private chauffeurs have different clientele than we do, people who are wealthier," one driver said. "But there isn't enough business in Toulouse for them to live, so they start to break the rules and hedge in on our customers."

The private chauffeurs are still licensed and insured, he admitted , unlike non-professional drivers using Uber, an application for smart phones that allows people looking for rides to connect with potential drivers.

"With Uber they're not insured to carry passengers, they don't pay for professional licenses and registration, and they don't pay taxes on anything: it's all cash in their pockets," he said.

The French Interior Ministry recently banned Uber's low cost service UberPOP, making it illegal as of Jan. 1, 2015 Ecco shoes australia sale , for conflicting with French laws which prohibit transporting people for profit without proper licenses. For the ban to be enforced, however, legal action has to be taken on the local level.

"Until the local prefectures make injunctions against Uber, people keep using it," another driver said.

Quality issues may also stem from long hours, with licensed drivers working exhausting shifts to make up for fewer passengers. One driver reported she began work at 4:30 a.m. every day and finished around 6 p.m., without a real break.

Other drivers reported taking very little time off.

"You don't really take holidays as a taxi driver cheap Ecco shoes australia ," said one man.

The fourth-largest metropolitan area in France, Toulouse is known as an important tourist destination, and also as a major aeronautical center, with the Airbus headquarters and thousands of Airbus suppliers in the vicinity.

For Chinese banks, this sweltering June seems more like a difficult exam than a joyous time to celebrate the upcoming soccer World Cup.

What's stressing the bankers in June is liquidity. It is now that regulators review each lender's operational health in terms such as deposit-to-loan ratio.

Chinese banks were spooked - a little more than spooked actually - by overnight interbank borrowing rates shooting as high as 13 percent in June last year. The question of the day today is: Will that happen again?

Probably not, but banks won't get as much money as they want either. The credit shortage is "structural", according to economists.

"Chinese enterprises have no easy access to credit in the current financing system Ecco shoes australia online ," said Lian Ping, chief economist at Bank of Communications, China's fifth largest.

The banks might have learned from last year's liquidity drought and relocated their lending resources more reasonably but the sharp decline in deposits will limit their lending.

Deposits fell by 655 billion yuan (about 106 billion U.S. dollars) in April, as households withdrew 1.23 trillion yuan from banks to invest in money market funds and off-balance sheet wealth management products, according to latest data by the People's Bank of China (PBOC).

A reduction of yuan funds available for foreign exchange, created by the central bank's purchase of foreign currencies from banks, also caused liquidity to dry up.

Compared with 198 billion yuan in March Ecco shoes australia outlet , the new yuan funds outstanding for foreign exchange reached only 117 billion yuan in April, the lowest level in eight months, according to the PBOC.

Chinese companies, large or small, rely on indirect financing (bank loans) for growth rather than raising money directly through stocks or bond issues, Lian notes.

This causes structural liquidity shortages every now and then, particularly in the real estate sector and local government Ecco shoes australia , which depend heavily on bank loans but are subject to tight regulations. When the property market cools, banks are reluctant to lend to house developers and home buyers.

"Such a structure makes it natural for banks to shun small companies and grant most loans to state-owned enterprises (SOEs) or large companies," Lian said,

These so-called "zombie enterprises" can't make a profit, but take a huge slurp from the precious well of credit with the support of local governments and slowing growth get slower still.

"Some precious credit flows into industries already bedeviled by overcapacity," said Liu Yuhui, an economist at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Men's ECCO Jack Tie MOON ROCK WARM GREY Australia , warning the "too big to fail" zombies do no good for economic growth.

While SOEs greedily slake their credit thirst, others are left gasping.

Over the past few years, private enterprises have on average paid interest 225 basis points higher t.

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