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Have you ever wondered how your hands affect both you and your horse? Your hands have a lot to do with how your horse responds to your aids. Here are some “hand-y” hints that can help you give better cues to your horse.

There are four types of aids that you use to communicate with your horse: your seat, legs Blank Germany Jersey , voice and your hands. Each aid should be used clearly so your horse can understand what you are asking him. Your hands play a very important role in your riding. They help to ask your horse to stop, turn, or slow down.

Holding the Reins

Your horse’s mouth is very sensitive. Pulling on your horse’s mouth can cause him to start tossing his head, pulling the reins out of your hands or become “hard-mouthed”, all which can make him stop listening to your aids. You should not have a death grip on the reins and have them so short that you are constantly pulling or tugging on his mouth. Hold the reins just enough so you have contact with his mouth Germany World Cup Jerseys , but are not pulling.

Each rein should be between your ring finger and your pinky finger, go through your palm and come through your index finger and your thumb. Your hands should be in a fist, but not tight. Your thumbs should be on top facing towards your horse’s ears. Keep your fists up and not like you are playing the piano.

Your Position

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