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BUENOS AIRES, Oct. 20 (Xinhua) -- The British military drills in the disputed Malvinas Islands, known to the United Kingdom as the Falklands, have complicated bilateral relations but won't lead to risk of military conflict, said a senior Argentine political analyst.

The 9-day military drills which begun on Wednesday was denounced by the Argentine government as ""illegal."" Argentina claims sovereignty over the disputed Malvinas Islands in the South Atlantic while the islands are controlled politically by Britain.

""I recognize that this probably could have complicated the memorandum of understanding (signed between both sides about the islands),"" said international affairs analyst Rosendo Fraga, referring to the bilateral MoU inked in 1998 by Argentina and Britain to solve their disputes on the islands in the principles of cooperation and reciprocity.

Vice-chancellor Carlos Foradori presented a note to British Ambassador to Argentina Mark Kent on Friday ""with a formal and energetic objection to the aforementioned military drills, demanding that they (Britain) refrain from holding them, at the same time informing Secretary-General of the United Nations of the situation.""

Meanwhile, Fraga said on Wednesday in an interview with Xinhua that the drills are routine and should not worry Argentina too much.

""Britain performs these exercises annually, always around this time of the year. Possibly the Malvinas are today the most important field in the world for British forces to carry out maneuvers. Since the war in 1982, Britain has established an important military base, and in this context it performs this exercise annually,"" said the analyst.

Buenos Aires and London, whose relations have been marred in the past years by the differences surrounding the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands, decided to relaunch bilateral relations with a focus on ""things that unite"" both administrations.

An international business and investment forum was convened by Argentina last month in an attempt to renew links between the two nations.

During the forum, Alan Duncan, British Minister of State for Europe and the Americas said that, ""the United Kingdom wants to develop a relation with Argentina in a very, very positive and prosperous way,"" with political and economic agendas that would unite both sides.

""Neither Argentina nor the UK today intend to use arms to settle a conflict. In the diplomatic arena, Argentina has obtained favorable resolutions by the United Nations,"" said Fraga, adding, ""I really believe that there is no risk of military conflict in the South Atlantic at this time.""


Seven more bodies were found in the toppled Chinese fishing vessel after it collided with a tanker early Thursday Leon Draisaitl Jersey , bringing the total death toll to 13, according to the Chinese Consulate General in Osaka.

The fishing vessel from the Chinese mainland collided with a tanker of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on Thursday in international waters some 400 km north of the Oki Islands in western Japan.

Earlier Laurent Brossoit Jersey , one of the 16 crew members on board of the fishing vessel was found dead, three were rescued by nearby fishing vessels Jordan Eberle Jersey , while 12 others were missing.

Three patrol vessels of the Japan Coast Guard have begun work since early Friday with frogmen sent to search for the missing people, said the consulate general.

Five bodies were found in the toppled Chinese fishing vessel on Friday morning and seven more were found in the afternoon.

The bodies have been transferred to another Chinese fishing vessel nearby.

The consulate general said it will continue to keep contact with the Japanese side to coordinate for the follow-up issues.

Earlier report:

Five people have been confirmed dead after a collision between a Chinese mainland fishing boat and a Hong Kong oil tanker Jonas Gustavsson Jersey , China Central Television reported on Friday.

The clash took place early Thursday morning in the international waters 400 kilometers north of Ja-pan's Oki Islands, Shimane prefecture.

Four people have been rescued as of Friday noon.

After receiving search requests from the Chinese side Jesse Puljujarvi Jersey , the Japanese Coast Guard dispatched three pa-trol boats to the waters and discovered five victims' bodies inside the fishing boat Lurong Yuanyu 378. The bodies were tranferred to a nearby Chinese fishing boat to be identified.

According to the Chinese Consulate General in Osaka, 16 people were on the fishing boat when the clash took place and the consulate has already initiated a contingency plan to continue carrying out the rescue mission.

The 21 crewmembers of the oil tanker Brightoil Lucky Jean-Francois Jacques Jersey , which was on its way to the Russian oil port of Kozmino at the time of the collision, were reportedly unharmed.

Nothing is worse when you are playing guitar to an audience than to have your guitar drift out of tune while you are playing. Even if you get through the song undetected you then have to fiddle about trying to re-tune mid performance. But by following a few simple steps Jari Kurri Jersey , you can reduce the risk of this happening to you.

Clean your strings after playing your guitar. Even a short practice session, can leave chemicals and sweat on the strings. If left Grant Fuhr Jersey , over time, this can rust and damage the strings Esa Tikkanen Jersey , making tuning impossible. Clean each string individually by wrapping a piece of lint free cloth around the string and running this along the length of the string. Make this a habit after each session and you will help prolong the life of the string and subsequently help keep it's tune longer.

Replace old worn out strings. This is usually indicated by the tuning being correct on the lower part of the fret, but going out of tune as you move up the fret. Alternatively the intonation of the guitar may need correction. If the tuning problem remain. Authentic MLB Jerseys China   Cheap NFL Jerseys China   Throwback NFL Jerseys Wholesale   Custom Soccer Jerseys Cheap   Replica NHL Jerseys China   Cheap Baltimore Orioles Jerseys   Cheap Miami Marlins Jerseys   Wholesale Dodgers Jerseys   Wholesale Arizona Diamondbacks Jerseys   Wholesale Atlanta Braves Jerseys

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