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"I knew there are a lot of misconceptions about China. I think Americans are taught a lot of things that are just not true about the Chinese, I went there, I found all these things are not true."

Chinese people are as friendly and inclusive as New Yorkers, Kostusiak said.

"All the people are so kind and wonderful and welcoming to me and all of my friends, that is one of the things that stood out to me so much as I went, the welcoming, wonderful greetings we had over there," she said.

Alexander Lopez, a senior at Rutgers University Reuben Foster Jersey , the state university of New Jersey, was also impressed by the Chinese hospitality when he was in China on a two-week program in May.

"Everybody was so interested and curious in you and willing to ask questions or to speak to you," Lopez said. "I think that goes beyond just me being sort of different, I think a lot of it is a genuine curiosity to understand other people."


Like many of their counterparts, both Kostusiak and Lopez became fascinated by China's deep history, diverse culture and dynamic society.

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