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BUENOS AIRES, May 18 (Xinhua) -- Julia Ballario, 24, made history at the weekend upon becoming the first Argentinian female to win a Top Race Series car racing competition, a sport dominated by men.

The young woman, born in the city of Marcos Juarez in the province of Cordoba, 437 kilometres north of Buenos Aires, won on Sunday in the Top Series Race, the second division in the Top Race speed category.

"Before they (the other drivers) saw me as a little girl but now I have made a space for myself in car racing," Ballario told journalists after her victory in the city of Resistencia, provincial capital of Chaco in northern Argentina.

The 24-year-old first got behind the wheel of a racing car at only seven-years-old when she went karting in Marcos Juarez's autodrome for the first time.

"I was scared when I got out (of the kart) and I didn't ask to go karting for six months but when I got behind the wheel again I never looked back," Ballario told local daily Clarin.

When asked about the mach prejudices surrounding the sport, the racing driver said that some of them looked at her as if to say "'what is that girl doing here?' But nobody ever said anything weird to me."

Ballario, who in 2014 competed in the divisional Pro Mazda in the United States, was always supported by her father but not so much by her mother who did not approve of the competitions.

The racing driver graduated in graphic design in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe province, where she took classes during the week so as to be able to travel and compete at weekends.

"I always made time for studying and the practical tasks. I had professors that asked me about the races and they helped me with the deadlines. However there were others that hated the races," said Ballario.

Ballario, who competes with Mercedes Benz number 92, joined the category in 2015 and has achieved three podium finishes, one pole position and one victory out of 19 races.

The first woman to win a car racing competition in Argentina was Ianina Zanazzi in 1999 at 17-years-old, however it was in a single-seater car. Zanazzi won the final of the Argentinian Formula Super Renault, in Rio Cuarto, Cordoba.

Football stars are just more that goal scoring machines. They have a life outside of the field. More than a ‘Football player of the month Demarcus Lawrence Jersey , they are a father or a brother or a son and even more a human being with idiosyncrasies to claim their own. Here we probe into Cristiano Ronaldo profile and highlight some ‘must-be-aware-about’ interesting and striking facts and trivia about the football legend.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo full name is actually Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. He was named after famous actor and U.S. President- Ronald Reagan.

2. He was called a ‘cry baby’ when he was a child. Apparently he used to cry every time he passed the ball and his friends couldn’t score.

3. Along with the ‘cry baby’, he had another silly title he went by- ‘Little bee’; he was named so because no one could catch up to him.

4. As a teenager Dak Prescott Jersey , for one of his training techniques, he used weights on his feet while playing with the ball. This was aimed at making his movement faster.

5. He was initially signed on with Liverpool who didn’t think much of him then. He was signed to Manchester United by Alex Ferguson who was quoted as saying “At half-time I knew I had to sign this boy. He was sensational."

6. While playing for Manchester United he used to wear the Number 7 shirt Ezekiel Elliott Jersey , which was previously worn by David Beckham, one of his idols.

7. His father was a victim of alcohol abuse which persuaded Ronaldo to swear of alcohol for good. But he has been known to consume gin and juice at times.

8. In 2012 Dallas Cowboys Hats , he was voted as the sexiest athlete by the People Magazine.

9. His on field prowess combined with his good looks have earned him many an endorsement deal with brands such as Armani and Nike.

10.He is a fashion aficionado and has his own boutique, named CR7 Dallas Cowboys T-Shirts , in Portugal, run by his two sisters.

11.Ronaldo has been inducted into the ‘wax’ hall of fame when he had his statue erected at the famous Madame Toussauds in London.

12.He has been a tagged a ‘Ladies Man’ and has been linked to Hollywood socialites such as Paris Hiton and Kim Kardashian.

13.Cristiano Ronaldo statistics are so impressive Dallas Cowboys Hoodie , that even the player admits that he is the best.

Very few people understand and appreciate the role of the human resources department especially those within the system. There is so much work that needs to be done by the specialists and at times the experts may delay to deliver the expected results. To avoid any conflicts from accumulating, top companies are outsourcing hr services.

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