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#1 30-12-2017 07:02:55

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Game issues


Ok lets deal with all the issues actually present in the game.
First of all, that reputation system, be honest its pretty bullshit dont contrain people from going in cities just because they did some pvp, There isn't any reason to do that.
Why do you delete the travel between cities ?!! It was a rlly good tool for travelling and a pretty good way to do some economy things !
The world is way too big, you didnt have to make it that big, it's useless.
Open world pvp is pretty much dead.
I was walking for hours and the only people I met were T3 or Zergs.
Why did you delete the farm spots ? Why delete the barbarians ? Whyyyy making all those useless changes ?..
Please help.

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#2 25-06-2018 09:16:44

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Re: Game issues

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