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11-02-2020 11:57:54

As we know, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt game has risen once again with the success of the latest series out on Netflix and is rocking on the entire cylinders. With old and new gamers joining the game, let’s revisit the best way to increase the level from the beginning of the game alongside the Places of Power in White Orchard. These places were built when the Conjunction of Spheres happened that also brought the creation of magic and several different creatures as well. They symbolize an area where supernatural things have been concentrated into a particular location.

Moreover, the white orchard has a total of six places of power, and each one signifies a magic sign that players obtain at the beginning of the game. Upon reaching every Place of Power, players can earn one ability that you can use to boost your stats in the character screen. Plus, ability points are extremely valuable when starting the game. They hold a significant value in how a player level up, timing on when you get your skills, and what playstyle focus you have for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Players will also earn a buff from every location and will make every location sign powerful for a short amount of time. Note: Be cautious when visiting these areas as there could be the opponent of various power level stalking them.

Source:- Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Guide to Find Places of Power in White Orchard

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