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13-02-2020 17:13:46

Shortcuts has confirmed to be a superb software for productiveness and on a regular basis duties, however what about leisure? Once I sit again and chill out within the evenings with my iPad, I usually discover myself desirous to binge a number of episodes of a favourite present, or placed on a favourite film. The Shortcuts app helps me work and care for life’s little duties — can it entertain me, too?

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12-02-2020 16:07:32

Building your media launcher dictionary
Open Shortcuts on your iPhone or iPad.
Tap Create Shortcut or the + button.
Tap Add Action. Source:
Tap Scripting.
Tap Dictionary.
Tap Add new item. Source:
Tap Text.
Tap Key to enter your first key.
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10-02-2020 10:51:55

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25-01-2020 18:34:59

Creating the Media Launcher Dictionary
Launch the Shortcuts on iPad or iPhone.
Click on Create Shortcut or + option.
Press Add Action.
Select the Scripting option.
Choose the Dictionary option.
Click on the Add new item option.
Hit the Text option.
Click Key to insert the first key.
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24-01-2020 16:00:02


24-01-2020 08:45:20

Source: How to Create Media Launcher Through Shortcuts

Shortcuts have been proved as an amazing tool for better productivity and the day to day tasks. When you lay back and relax with your iPad, you often want to watch the favorite movie or some episodes of the favorite shows. A shortcut will help in everyday tasks to perform it easily. There are various ways through which you can use the Shortcuts for watching favorite shows on Netflix or listening to music. You can use the various shortcuts that are specifically useful when you like to watch a TV show or movies. It will utilize the dictionary act in the shortcuts and some scripting abilities as well. If you want to create, then this post might be useful for you. Go through the blog and follow the steps to create the media launcher through shortcuts.

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