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31-05-2018 10:04:09

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What is member sounding?

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Why use it for pleasure?

As with anything else involving the manhood, men simply love to experiment with what might bring more pleasure. At some point, the idea of using a sound to create pleasurable sensations led to guys trying it – and now it is considered a ‘fringe’ act for pleasure-seekers.

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The dangers of sounding

Of course Cheap Dwight Gooden Jersey , member sounding is frowned upon for many reasons. The first is quite simple: It is just not a good idea to stick anything in the urethra. When the procedure is performed in a medical sense, the area is completely sterilized, but even that might not be enough to alleviate the infection risk altogether. Performing sounding on his own, perhaps not even with medical-grade equipment, increases the risk of infection and damage significantly.

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A must-have list of safety measures

For some men, even a run-down of the dangers will not be enough to prevent them from trying it. For those adventurous souls, the best way to avoid manhood pain and damage is to follow very careful instructions when attempting member sounding. Here are a few tips:

1. Choose a thin sound, one that will not stretch the urethral opening.
2. Ensure the sound is medical grade and sterilized before use.
3. Sterilize the manhood and the area around it as well.
4. Insert the sound only when the manhood is flaccid.
5. Use an exceptional amount of lubrication to help ensure no damage ensues.
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8. Tap on the sound for the pleasurable sensation; never move it back and forth.
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10. Watch carefully after sounding to make sure there is no bleeding, extreme soreness, bruising, manhood pain and the like. If any signs of this appear, see a physician immediately.

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