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15-04-2018 11:27:29

been created with the aim of addressing current questions of regulatory and legislative practice. It is a means of knowledge distribution also with regard to the process of law-making and legislating or regulating in general. This website was created in 2015 by an official of an international organization who has over 25 years of experience in regulation practice … wn-Jersey/ , having worked for national as well as international administrations and organizations. The law graduate has been able to strengthen over 150 regulatory acts throughout his professional activity in the field of regulation. For three years, he was in a position to give trainings on regulatory techniques to several hundred officials who used to work in various policy fields. The feedback from the trainees has enabled the lawyer to come up with all the practical advice for legislative and regulatory law-making.

Many jurisdictions have now proper guidance or training available for those staff who prepare legislation or regulation. Moreover … er-Jersey/ , the world of legislators regulators is anything but well organized:
– Developing legislation or other regulation is a process which is hardly investigated, if we put the formal adoption procedures aside. Even less so there is instruction available on how legislation regulation should be developed. Many jurisdictions have no such instruction or operating procedure for law-makers in place. But the process of lawmaking regulating is often crucial for the result. The result cannot be optimal if the goals of the legislation regulation were not discussed with the stakeholders at the beginning of the process. Without final quality control … in-Jersey/ , the legislation regulation cannot be optimal either. The same could be said for many steps in between.
– In most jurisdictions, legislators regulators have no access to general methodological training. Legislators regulators are expected to regulate without being trained for the purpose. At best they have studied law … as-Jersey/ , but these studies normally deal with the application of law, not the creation of legislation regulation.
– Knowledge on regulatory techniques or instruments is rare. Regulatory techniques or instruments have not yet been completely inventoried. Legislators regulators have no complete toolbox for regulatory instruments available either. As a consequence thereof … en-Jersey/ , legislators regulators miss occasions to optimise their legislation regulation.
– Many regulators do not know high quality reference regulation of other jurisdictions or prototype regulation. At best they are aware of a few examples of neighbouring countries or of the former colonial power.
The website thus aims at closing this gap in the professional training programs of public administrations and parliaments. All tips and tools for regulators legislators are offered for free.

The first and most important tool is the Handbook “How to regulate?”. It is currently available in English and French. A Spanish version might come soon. The handbook contains a complete method for law-making, going from the first assessment of the current regulatory system to the development of new regulation and final quality control. It integrates regulatory techniques used in nine jurisdictions on six continents.

The second most important tool is the Directory of reference regulation. It provides for several hundred laws and regulation in several hundred fields topics. The reference regulation can be used as inspiration or as bench-mark.

The third pillar of the website are short articles on topics which are of practical relevance to those who prepare legislation or other forms of regulation.
The ACL ? anterior cruciate ligament ? is a major ligament that is found in the knee. It is responsible for keeping the knee from moving too much … ms-Jersey/ , limiting the joint?s range of motion and stabilizing leg movement. The ACL is attached to the front and top of the tibia and stretches diagonally up to attach to the back and bottom of the femur. People who complain of their knee ?giving out? or ?popping? usually have some form of ACL injury.

Each one of our knees contains a number of ligaments that help stabilize its movements. Of the four major ligaments contained within the knee capsule, the ACL is considered by many to be the most important because it provides the majority of the knee's stability. The ACL's main objective is to stabilize the knee during planting and twisting motions … er-Jersey/ , as well as prevent forward movement of the lower leg from the upper leg. It is able to do this by attaching to our upper leg at the front of the femur and crosses the knee to attach to the lower leg at the back of the tibia.

The truth is that game can be safe for females, but only with strength training for girls basketball. Strength training will:

- Increase flexibility and agility

- Result in overall physical fitness

- Develop sport specific skills

- Increase speed

- Increase pivotal turning

- Develop endurance

- Create strong core muscles

- Balance exercise and nutrition

Ankle Sprains ? since softball involves a good amount of running … ge-Jersey/ , players are also subject to the risk of having ankle sprains. When a player?s ankle is sprained, there could be a minor or complete tear of the ligaments that support the ankle.

The ACL and PCL intersect each other inside the knee … ll-Jersey/ , creating an "X." pattern. This is why they are have been named the ?cruciate? (which means cross-like) ligaments. ACL injuries often materilaize correspondingly with other injuries. A classic example of this is when the ACL is torn at the same time as both the MCL and medial meniscus which is one of the shock-absorbing cartilages base.