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15-04-2018 03:53:01

LUSAKA Authentic Erik Karlsson Jersey , Mar. 9 (Xinhua) -- Zambian President Edgar Lungu needs urgent treatment as his problem of the narrowing of esophagus has recurred, his office said on Monday.

Lungu, elected in January Mark Stone Jersey , reportedly collapsed when giving a speech to mark the International Women's Day in the capital Lusaka on Sunday.

Earlier tests showed he had fatigue, traces of malaria and low blood sugar level.

The president's office said in a statement that Lungu had suffered from the narrowing of esophagus, which could have led to the low sugar condition.

"President Lungu has a history of the narrowing of esophagus Derick Brassard Jersey , which was corrected 30 years ago," the statement said, adding that the doctors recommended immediate surgery.

Two former Zambian presidents died of illness when they were in office.

In 2008 Erik Karlsson Jersey , late president Levy Mwanawasa died after collapsing during an African Union summit in Egypt while last October then president Michael Sata died in London where he had gone for medical check-ups.

Fungal infections of the nails are medically termed onychomycosis. The infected nail thickens, becomes dull and discoloured, and it can become brittle as infection progresses. The entire nail may come off if left untreated and the skin can become painfully inflamed. Candida Cheap Senators Hats , dermatophytes and moulds are said to be causative fungi responsible for onychomycosis.

Standard treatments

Nail fungal infections receive topical treatments and doctors may also prescribe oral medications. The most common anti-fungals used are clotrimazole, itriconazole and terbinafine. These medications may be applied as the topical nail varnish. Doctors may prescribe oral medications along with steroids. These treatments have to be continued for several months before the fungus is eradicated. If stopped halfway, there is every risk of the fungus proliferating again. The side effect of oral medication includes headaches and diarrhoea at the least to liver damage in sensitive patients. The general opinion is that oral and topical applications are not quite as effective and one need to use medications for about 6 months to a year or more. There is a safer Cheap Senators T-Shirts , modern, effective and faster remedy in the form of laser fungal nail treatment using lunula.

What is Lunula laser treatment for nail fungal infections?

Laser light beams are coherent waves of light at a specific frequency. Lunula Laser has developed an effective onychomycosis laser device that needs the patient to undergo at the most four painless sittings. Laser light may range in frequency from 300 nm at the infrared end to 635nm at the ultraviolet end. High-energy laser light has the capacity to destroy bacteria and virus but can also generate heat as is found in infrared lasers. This specific nail treatment laser device generates laser light with wavelengths of 635nm and 405 nm in a unique mechanism that covers the entire nail and allows for targeted delivery of pathogen destroying energy without damaging or harming the issue, or causing pain. The class 2 laser unit does not produce heat and the frequency has been chosen for its high antimicrobial action. 635nm wavelength enhances immunological activity in tissues while degrading fungal cells. It assists in rejuvenation to assist in faster growth of clean Cheap Senators Hoodies , shinier, healthier nails. 405 nm wavelength has powerful anti-fungal effect. The combination does not harm healthy tissue, burn it or cause pain.

What is the duration of the laser treatment for nail fungus?

Patients with fungal nail infections simply walk into a suitable podiatrist clinic and insert their feet into the equipment after consultation. An automated process takes over and the laser unit switches off. The process is complete within a few minutes. The individual undergoing treatment does not feel any heat or pain from the laser light as it is cold laser process and they need to visit the clinic only once a week. Since it is a cold process no tissue is vaporised that would result in smell and spread of mycosis infections through the air. Further Custom Senators Jerseys , no supplemental treatment by way of oral medication or topical application is deemed necessary. Mild infections respond well to only two treatments. There are no reported complications whereas use of oral and topical anti-fungal agents has caused reported liver damage.

To sum it up:

• Cold laser fungal treatment is fast, efficient, effective Cheap Senators Jerseys , safe, non-destructive and free of side effects.
• Only four sittings are required.
• It does not require any debridement or use of topical or oral medication.
• It works for all types of fungal infections.
• Results are lasting. Laser fungal treatments have a success rate of 80% compared to 50% for drug based treatments.

A visit to a clinic equipped with this equipment and staffed by expert podiatrists and chiropodists will help in diagnosis of the type of infection and the extent to determine duration of laser treatment to remove nail fungus.

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